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Re: synchronizing cvs repositories in realtime

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: synchronizing cvs repositories in realtime
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 15:54:14 -0700

To my knowledge, no one has distributed a CVS solution to this problem.
Commit conflicts pose a nasty problem with regard to propagating changes
between multiple sites.  One typical solution is to give ownership of
specific branches to each site, and permit commits on those branches only
at their owner sites.  The branches are then replicated to the other sites
as needed, which is straightforward but non-trivial to implement.

In the event that two commits are done on the same branch, the results
must be merged by hand and replicated to all sites.  This is usually a
convoluted and error-prone process.

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is there a working solution for synchronizing two cvs repositories=20
in realtime?=20

I mean the following scenario:=20
- 2 servers running cvs in pserver mode=20
- a user commits his changes to one of them=20
- the change is automagically commited to the other server=20
- another user commits changes to the second server=20
- these are also send to the first server=20
if there's no such solution existing, can you give any hints how=20
to do something like this.=20

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