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commit emails

From: Bernd Crouse
Subject: commit emails
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 19:42:44 +0200


I try to use the possibility to get send an email to all developers, when 
commits a file. In the manuel it is described, that you have to copy the file
to the CVSROOT directory: The first few lines are as followed:

$cvsroot = $ENV{'CVSROOT'};

$) = $(;

$dostatus = 1;
while (@ARGV) {
        $arg = shift @ARGV;

 if ($arg eq '-m') {
                $users = "$users " . shift @ARGV;
 } elsif ($arg eq '-u') {
  $login = shift @ARGV;
 } elsif ($arg eq '-f') {
  ($logfile) && die "Too many '-f' args"; #print "bernd 3\n";
  $logfile = shift @ARGV;
 } elsif ($arg eq '-s') {
  $dostatus = 0;
 else {

  ($donefiles) && die "Too many arguments!\n";
  $donefiles = 1;
  @files = split(/ /, $arg);

the entry in the commitinfo-file is for example:

ALL $CVSROOT/ %s -f $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitlog -m address@hidden

as it is described in the manuel as well.

My problem is, that when I use the commit command cvs start to read the -
script and then leaves the script, with the message   "Too many arugments"
I don't know anything about perl script ... has anybody an idea what to do, or 
anybody a better


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