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From: Lamar Seifuddin
Subject: RCS-CVS
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 11:24:06 -0500


First of all, I've learned alot about SCCS/RCS/CVS thru this
users list.    The knowledge I've gained in such a short time is
phenominal.     The power of CVS is definitely here.......

I'm in charge of the conversion of our company's software products
from SCCS to CVS.     I've completed the conversion of SCCS to RCS
using the script found in the CVS community.

I am using the rcs-to-cvs script to complete the final stage of the
conversion process to CVS.

The script calls for me to checkout the RCS files (of course) and then
eventually check them into CVS.


when I check out the RCS files..........I get a

for example:

co Pipe.h,v
Pipe.h,v  -->  Pipe.h
co: Pipe.h: permission denied on parent directory

I know this is based on the RCS having a "locks;  strict" access on it.

How do I remove this or get around this?     I can't checkout RCS files

This is more like a RCS issue.......I have the RCS and SCCS O'Reilly
but I could not find this particular issue.

thank you,


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