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Re: Red v white icons in WinCVS

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: Red v white icons in WinCVS
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 06:26:57 -0400

Have you been playing with your system clock lately?  If the timestamp
on the file is different from the one specified in the CVS folder then
WinCVS will think the file has been touched.  Try running 'cvs status'
to get WinCVS to figure out that they haven't changed.

-- David F.

Larry Meadors wrote:
> OK, it's Friday afternoon, and I'm stumped.
> Why are some icons red and some white in wincvs? The docs say "After 
> modifying a file, the files ICON in the WinCvs file window will turn red and 
> the Status will change to Mod. File as shown in the following example where 
> applmain.c was modified:".
> But I just checked everything out, nothing has changed. Yet, every one of 
> mine is red?
> Hmm....
> Larry
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