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RE: problem with LF <--> CRLF trasnlation

From: Ralph Mack
Subject: RE: problem with LF <--> CRLF trasnlation
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 07:43:56 -0400

My current favorite for editing files of uncertain parentage on Windows 
is Textpad ( It's shareware, so no source, but 
it's cheap and solid and starts up fast - and, of course, it supports 
Windows key bindings (unlike VI :-)). It has some programmer-friendly 
stuff like syntax-highlighting. I use it as a notepad replacement for 
those times when I want to glance through some code and don't want to 
wait for a bulky IDE to come up.

What makes it relevant here is that it not only properly displays LF-
delimited files and preserves the dominant existing line ending style 
of files, but it has explicit commands for tweaking the line termination 
on existing files one way or the other. This can help if a file has been 
damaged and has mixed line terminators, which is guaranteed to happen 
from time to time if you're developing in a mixed-OS environment. 


> From: "Echlin, Michael" <address@hidden>
> Mike, 
> Suggesting to a windows user to use VI???
> That's scary :-)
> Mike.

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