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Question about cvsignore file

From: George Mathew
Subject: Question about cvsignore file
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 16:36:29 -0700

I am trying not to ignore the core directory during cvs import.
I added a cvsignore file in $CVSROOT/$CVSROOT directory of server.
This cvsignore file contains:

RCS     SCCS    CVS     CVS.adm
RCSLOG  cvslog.*
tags    TAGS
.make.state     .nse_depinfo
*~      #*      .#*     ,*      _$*     *$
*.old   *.bak   *.BAK   *.orig  *.rej   .del-*
*.a     *.olb   *.o     *.obj   *.so    *.exe
*.Z     *.elc   *.ln

This did not work.
But if I add this to my $HOME/.cvsignore file it works.

The documentation says $CVSROOT/$CVSROOT is the first place it looks.

Is it a bug? or the documentation is not correct?


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