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CVS over ssh + AFS

From: Cyrille Artho
Subject: CVS over ssh + AFS
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 15:17:39 +0200

I have the following situation:
a) I'd like to use CVS on my computer, call it "client"
b) The server runs on a different computer, call it "server"
c) The cvs root is mounted over AFS.
To spice it up, my user name on "server" is different than on "client"
and on AFS. Also, I'd like to use ssh: 
ssh is configured such that I can login without password and without -l
on "server", under the different user name. If I ssh normally, my
.tcshrc ensures that klog is run with the options needed to mount AFS.
However, this seems to fail when "logging in" using CVS:
$ cvs checkout foo
cvs server: cannot open
/afs/ Permission
Cannot access /afs/
Permission denied

My questions:
a) What shell does CVS use on "server"? Which dotfiles are executed on
login? .profile, .cvsrc?
b) How do I fix the AFS problem? Do I need to set my PATH differently,
and do I need to set CVSROOT on "server" as well?
Cyrille Artho - - Tel. +41 - [0]1 - 632 09 88
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                -- Linda Festa

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