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Re: Passive Mode For CVS or other Options?

From: Peter Ajamian
Subject: Re: Passive Mode For CVS or other Options?
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 15:00:54 -0700

Roger wrote:
> > Roger wrote:
> > Looks like with my ISP setup, I need to somehow enable Passive Mode.
> >
> > When I start a cvs download (a large one larger than approx. 1MB), the
> > download stalls.  It stops at a file but does not drop back to console
> > with
> > an error.  As such, seems to be problems with not being in Passive mode.
> >
> > My isp (starband/satellite isp) recommends using Passive Mode when doing
> > FTP.
> >
> > I'm in the process of checking out cvsup which does do passive mode
> > (binary of course since it's not made with C).
> >
> just tried it again, after a stall.  Now i've got the complete source off
> of the cvs server.  I'm sure "passive mode" option would probabely help out
> allot tho.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not positive about this)...

This is assuming that you're using pserver, however, I don't know of any
remote repository method that uses FTP (but I could very well be wrong,
again, someone correct me here).

AFAIK, CVS pserver uses it's own file protocol when sending and
retrieving files, not FTP.  Active vs. Passive mode is a property
specific to FTP and has to do with who originates a data connection
(Active mode means the server originates the data connection, Passive
mode means the client originates the connection).  Passive mode is
generally used to make an FTP data connection through a firewall that
does not allow incoming connections on arbitrary ports.  This is a
property _specific_ to FTP and has nothing to do with CVS.

Even if it did have to do with CVS it would either work entirely or not
at all (you would not get part of the download if this were an Active vs.
Passive problem).

Now for your problem.  I'm far from a CVS expert but since this post has
gone for so long unanswered (probably because you sent the post to the
newsgroup rather than the mailing list), I'll take a crack at it.  From
other posts I've seen on this list your problem sounds like it may have
something to do with a limit set for inetd (or xinetd) check the info-cvs
list archives for more info on this as I really can't help you much at
all here.

Regards, Peter

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