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Re: Assertion failed at setting branch tag using rtag

From: David Zaroski
Subject: Re: Assertion failed at setting branch tag using rtag
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 12:36:50 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 17 May 2001, chaessig wrote:

c>Oups, I forgot to give the CVS version : I'm using the last version

c>> Actually, I got this assertion error twice.
c>> I reproduce this behavior using the :local: connection protocol.
c>> But when I do a checkout of the IHM module, put the same tag in this
c>> module using the tag command, and then update -r R1, it works !
c>> The commands run are :
c>> cvs -d <repository> checkout IHM
c>> cd IHM
c>> cvs -d <repository> tag -b R1
c>> cvs -d <repository> update -r R1

I have seen this as well, but only when accessing a <repository> that is
actually a symlink. For instance if you have:

        /cvsroot -> /foo/cvs

If you do the above commands like this (for the above):

        cvs -d /foo/cvs rtag -b R1 IHM

You will not get the assertion error. I believe this error will occur for
all the direct accesses (rtag, rlog, rannotate) of a repository *if* the
<repository> is a symlink.

BTW, don't confuse 'tag' and 'rtag', 'rtag' operates directly on the repository
where as 'tag' works on your working dir and the repository.


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