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Re: Newby : moving/renaming files loses version information?

From: Tanaka Akira
Subject: Re: Newby : moving/renaming files loses version information?
Date: 17 May 2001 16:56:08 +0900
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In article <address@hidden>,
  address@hidden (Greg A. Woods) writes:

> One thing PCL-CVS doesn't have (which CVSweb does, for example) is a
> quick and dirty way of "seeing" the files in the Attic and thus being
> able to operate directly on them.  This would help PCL-CVS users not
> only with removed files, but with files existing only on branches that
> the current working directory is not viewing.  If "cvs status" had an
> option to show "Attic" files (actually any file from the repo that's not
> in the current working directory's view) then adding such a feature to
> PCL-CVS would be quite easy....  It could use "cvs ls", but that's
> rather hackish IMHO.

`cvs log -R' is not sufficient?
Tanaka Akira

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