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Power Builder source in CVS ?

From: lasm
Subject: Power Builder source in CVS ?
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 10:33:45 -0000
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Hi all,

   I like some feedback on whether anyone has done
source control for Power Builder (Win 32) in CVS, as I am
considering starting a project in CVS.

   The problem here is the source for Power Builder
is in pbl format which is kind of quasi-binary, quasi-text.
If this is imported as binary, then much of the
features in CVS would be lost. On the other hand, while
it is possible to view ".pbl" files in a text editor,
 a diff of two versions would produce garbage...

   Does anyone have advice how this can be done ?
preferably without using "add -kb file.pbl" or must the
scripts be exported as text file one by one, which will
be kind of tedious..

   Any comments, pointers, appreciated.


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