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Questions about CVS running on Windows 2000...

From: Eric Merriweather
Subject: Questions about CVS running on Windows 2000...
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 14:55:59 -0500

My shop is currently looking for a viable option to Rational's ClearCase
product as our version control system.  I am not finding the type of
documentation( Installation instructions, Operating System specific)
information I need to make a thorough judgment of your product.  I have read
several lines in documentation on your site that lead me to enquire.  Is
this software ready to go"Out the Box" now, into a full software development
environment?  With the deadlines I'm faced with I can't afford to lose time
on re-training my developers from scratch on a system that is too foreign to
them.  Is there phone support for the product?  Does the application come on
a CD from which it is installed.  Does it(has it been tested)run on a Win2k
server, with Win2k/Nt4 workstation client machines.  Is there a helpdesk
number that can be called for more immediate problems?

I need to get these questions answered as soon as possible.  Thanks in
advance for your help.

Eric V. Merriweather
SQA Test Analyst
re:Member Data Services, Inc.
317.570.3515    Ext.1847

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