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tagging files via script

From: Largent, Jim
Subject: tagging files via script
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 15:07:47 -0400

I have a script that tags files based on an existing tag.  I use it to be
selective in what gets into the next release.  Currently I use rtag and pick
up all files with the existing tag in a particular directory.  What I want
to do is be able to selectively re-tag specific files.  I know that tag will
allow you to tag specific files, but it requires the CVS directories in the
local directory and rtag only works with directories.  I know I can do this
with there anything I should be aware of before I start using RCS
to tag the specific files?  Does CVS rtag to anything radically different?
I'm still on 1.10 of CVS, but plan to upgrade soon.  Any

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