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merge issues

From: christine . ray
Subject: merge issues
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 11:28:03 -0500

We are using CVS version 1.10 running on Solaris 2.8.
A 'problem' occured when CVS merged a file multiple users had checked out and
All effected lines were in the original version in the repository.
Issue 1:
User 1 changed line 1 in the file.
User 2 changed last line in the file.
No confliclited text changes were flagged.
Merged file contained:
     User 1's line change (overwrote User 2's information)
     User 2's line change (overwrote User1's information)

Issue 2:
User 1
     added methods
     added lines of code within existing methods
     did not change goober  method's arguments
User 2
     changed goober method's arguments
     added lines of code within exiisting methods
Merged file contained
     User 1's added methods (this is right)
     User 1's added lines of code (this is right)
     User 1's goober method (no textual differences found by CVS) (difference
should have been found - either as a new method insert or just a line
     Did not contain User 2's inserted code lines (should have been inserted)

Please help.  Our understanding of CVS's merge function should have caught these
differences.  Is our understanding correct?  Can you tell us how to avoid this
'problem' in the future?
Thand you
Christine Ray
IS Engineer
Manufacturing Information Systems Technologies
phone:            765-451-9655
e-mail address@hidden

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