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Secure Connections

From: Santimore, Matt
Subject: Secure Connections
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 15:15:16 -0400


A little advice please..  I'm trying to figure out what the best set up
(client, server) option would be .  we want these

1..   HP UX  CVS server 1.11.1.p1 server....
2.    WinCvs Client
3.    Tortois explorer client
4.    CVSWEBCLIENT   the new one

   We don't want authentication to happen in the clear over the intranet.. I
thought SSH would do this, but don't think it'll help with
   WinCVS.  We also don't want to have to maintain a seperate Passwd file
(like with the pserver option of WinCVS)

Thanks in Advance for you time and knowledge


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