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A bit of topic, but looking for S/W design tool...

From: Stone, Rick
Subject: A bit of topic, but looking for S/W design tool...
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 13:44:01 -0400

I'm looking for a lightweight S/W design tool to graphically
capture the design of some small software projects.  I
don't want a heavy duty tool with a heavy duty learning curve,
or one that costs a lot of money.  I can do most of what I want
with a generic drawing tool, but not quite everything darn it!

I looked through the list of GNU offerings, but if such a thing
is in there, I missed it.  I could post a request for a tool
that would do "x, y, and z", but to be honest I don't have a
lot of experience with these tools.  So it made more sense to
just ask people for recommendations based on their own

While not strictly a CVS question, there are a lot of savvy
software developers who watch this list. So maybe I can get
some good answers.

So, not intending to start a religious war or anything, any
suggestions?  Thanks in advance...

Rick Stone

"Never use absolutes"

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