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query tag

From: Zanabria, Moises
Subject: query tag
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 10:23:43 -0500

Thank all for the info, but now I'm confuse, the thing is that I new in CVS
stuff, all the time I used Continuus for Configuration management, anyway,
I'm confuse because when I typed the command: 

cvs history -report -a -T object 

return something like that 

T 07/25 20:46 +0000 userid name_object      [BETA_PRO:D]
T 06/20 21:46 +0000 userid name_object      [BETA_PRO_GA:D]

For my is not clear what means 
rtag commands, tag commands, what is the difference??.

Any information I'll appreciate.

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