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three questions on modules

From: David Hoover
Subject: three questions on modules
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 13:42:38 -0700

I've got three questions on modules:

1) I see the -s option to assign a status. This sounds fairly neat, and
I was surprised to see that almost nobody seems to use it. Is there any
particular reason not to?

2) If I _do_ use the -s option, is there any way to include spaces in
the status? I've played with it a little, and it appears that I'd have
to write_status_info_like_this.

3) Is there any way to make a module inclue branch information? We're
going to have two big branches that people will be working on, and I'd
love to be able to make a module named 'foo-version10' and one named
'foo-version20' that would be equivilient to 'cvs checkout -r version10
foo' and 'cvs checkout -r version20 foo'. It's not the end of the world
if I have to make people throw the -r on, but if it was possible to
specify a branch in a module definition, it'd make life a little easier.
(In the same vein, it'd be handy to do that with non-branch tags also,
i.e. 'cvs checkout -r version20-build foo' which is a tag on the
version20 branch that'll get moved every time CM does an official build)

None of these are show-stoppers, but they could make life a little

Thanks for any input

David Hoover
Cadence Design Systems

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