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Questions about cvs remove files

From: Parth venkat
Subject: Questions about cvs remove files
Date: 11 May 2001 20:39:21 IST

Hi All,

I have 2 questions about CVS. I will be very thankful for any answers and or
pointers to available info on the web.

1) I plan to remove a few files using cvs remove and then also commit the
changes. ( since i may need to go back or look at he files at some later date
) .
My question is : 

How (which command of cvs) would get me the older versions of these deleted
files (when i want to view them )? or is it that every time i do a cvs update
the files would come to my working directory and the way to avoid this would
be to use cvs update -P so cvs does not update the deleted files in my work

I did look at the cvs documentation but failed to get reply to my question.  

2) On our repository the time i get for a file history report (cvs history
-report -a -c -l )when i run a history command is GMT. Is it common for all
the cvs repositories to have GMT time for such a report or was it the way our
repository was set up. 

Our repository is on EST ( -5 from GMT ) . But right now i get the time diff
i.e when i run the history command as only 4 hours ( probably day light
savings not yet affected on our system ). Is it some setting i am missing. 

OS is sunsolaris 5.7 
cvs is 1.11

Thank you very much in advance for your help and time. 


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