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DOC file corruption

From: Lan Barnes
Subject: DOC file corruption
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 19:21:54 -0700

I believe that an archive in our repository is corrupt, and would
like advice on how to possibly fix it, and how to prevent
corruption in the future.

This is a new installation. The server is cvs 1.11 on a Red Hat
6.2 box (Gateway FWIW). The clients are all on various Win
platforms using command level CVS 1.11 and occasionally TkCVS. We
do *not* use NFS.

The file in question is a Microsoft .DOC file. cvswrappers
contains the line 

   *.[dD][oO][cC] -k 'b'

When we do any read operation on the archive in question, like
"cvs log foo.doc," we get:

cvs [Server aborted]: unrecognized operation '\x0' in

Other .DOC files are doing fine -- they check in and out, give
logs, etc.

I'm not too worried about recovering this archive. We've just
started, and we have at least three of the revisions, including
the most recent, all on various hard drives and floppies. But I
am _very_ concerned that I do everything possible to prevent this
from becoming a common occurrence.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

Lan Barnes                 address@hidden
Icon Consulting, Inc       858-273-6677

It's a job that is kind of, if part of your life is to keep your 
dance card full, my dance card's full. 
                              - George W. Bush

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