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Re: Configuration Question

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Re: Configuration Question
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 21:22:44 -0400
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On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 11:39:44AM -0400, Weber, Jeff wrote:
> What I want it to do is create /etc/httpd/CVS, and store all the files in
> /usr/cvs/httpd_conf. Any ideas of how I could do this?

Let me make sure I understand the problem.  You have a
preexisting directory /etc/httpd, whose contents you want to
track using CVS.  Of course, the directory has to stay at its
current location because that's where Apache or whatever is
looking for it.  /usr/cvs is your $CVSROOT.

If that's correct, what you have to do is:
        # Import the files (I guess you've done this part already)
        cd /etc/httpd
        cvs import httpd_conf <vendor-tag> <release-tag>

        # Get a NEW copy of the files from CVS.
        cd ..
        cvs co -d httpd-new httpd_conf

        # The previous step created /etc/httpd-new, which should
        # be an exact copy of /etc/httpd, except for:
        #   - CVS subdirectories
        #   - $Id$ and other keywords will have been changed,
        #     unless you specified -ko to the "cvs co" command
        #   - File ownerships and permissions (CVS can preserve
        #     some of the latter, but probably not all)
        #   - Symlinks will NOT have been preserved
        # Since (I presume) these config files are for a live
        # server, you'll probably want to convince yourself that
        # CVS didn't munge anything.
        diff -r httpd httpd-new
        # fix up httpd-new's ownerships, permissions, and
        # symlinks as necessary

        # Now, switch httpd-new into service as the live version,
        # keeping the pre-CVS copy as a backup
        mv httpd httpd-old
        mv httpd-new httpd

> Also, where can I find files to create a pserver? Either RPM or source will
> do.

There are no extra files; the main CVS binary will suffice.
Though someone's mentioned a program for maintainging pserver
password files; search the mailing-list archives.


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