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RE: "Triggers" & links to defect tracking systems

From: Tracy Brown
Subject: RE: "Triggers" & links to defect tracking systems
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 11:32:44 -0700

> "Mark D. Baushke" wrote:
> What I was thinking of doing was using the loginfo hook to
> check the checkin comment to see that there is a PR number,
> and then verify that this is a valid PR with checkin approval
> (we've been having problems with some people checking in stuff
> without permission, and I'd rather put at least one tooth into
> the "don't do that" message).
> Does anybody foresee a problem with that?

I have put some thought into this. What I am intending to do is dump the log
message into a text file using a perl script in loginfo admin file. This
same perl script would then parse the newly created text file with the log
info -- mine looks something like this:

Update of /usr/local/cvsroot/conflinks/src/paw/conflinks/web/templ
In directory bitbucket:/tmp/cvs-serv2347

Modified Files:
Log Message:
BugID: 8490
modified code accordingly to alert in case of double quotes for URL and

and perform a set of INSERT perl/DBI statements in a MySQL database of this

As for commits, the same principle can be performed through the verifymsg
admin file where the perl script queries the MySQL database for valid bug
numbers and either accepts or rejects the commit request based on the query

You can even extend this DB backend idea to do access control lists through
the commitinfo admin file.

> > I am not aware of any othters, but it might be desirable for the
> > commitinfo step to be able to prompt the user for 
> information such as
> > the bug number or other information in order to better 
> catch typos in
> > a bug number earlier. 

This is possible using the rcsinfo admin file. You can specify a template to
populate the commit message editor. Note that this works best using native
CVS client. The WinCVS doesn't populate the commit log very well -- the
newline character isn't recognized.

>While this is possible if you are 
> using a local
> > repository or the rsh/ssh transport, I don't know of any 
> way to do it
> > with the :pserver: method of interaction.

The rcsinfo file template generation hook works great with :peserver:

> And here I'm just getting the shop on pserver.  Fortunately,
> I'm not looking for interactivity, just compliance.

Hope this helps.

Tracy Brown.

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