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Merging mulitiple times

From: McCann, Brian
Subject: Merging mulitiple times
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 11:45:23 -0400


I'm using WinCvs ver 1.2 here's my question which involves merging changes
to a file on
a branch back to the main line. This is all based on a test repository.
Using the WinCvs GUI.
The test repository is test_cvs and the branch is test_cvs-BRANCH. I have a
text file test.txt
and I make changes to the file and if I want to merge the change back to the
mainline I go into
the mainline repository click on test.txt the from the main menu click
modify the update selection
then click the tab merge options and select the radio button Only this
rev/tag then type in the name of the branch.
This will merge the branch test.txt with the mainline test.txt file. Now
comes the problem if I continue to make
changes to test.txt on the branch an the try to merge the change with the
GUI following the same procedure above
I get a conflict warning. Is there a way to merge additional changes with
the GUI without getting the conflict?


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