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WinCVS Query Update

From: Michael Lukaschek
Subject: WinCVS Query Update
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 17:44:02 +0200

Is there a bug within WinCVS?
When pressing F4 within the hierarchy window (left window in
module-mode) I get a query update (update -n).
If I do the same thing in the right (main) window F4 is meant to do a
query update too, but it does a update (without -n!!!) instead...

Best Regards,

Dipl.-Math. Michael Lukaschek, Software Development
Dimension 3D-Systems GmbH / Interzart AG 3D Commerce
Telephone: +49-511 390884-0       Facsimile: +49-511 390884-10

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