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RE: I have a question

From: Thornley, David
Subject: RE: I have a question
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 09:26:16 -0500

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Subject: I have a question

Hello ,
 I am baesy .
I work in Korea.
I want to control binary file .
My OS is Linux .
First I make tar-file.
I cvs import tar-file .
But original file and imported file differ .
Size of orginal file is 16691200.
Size of imported file is 16691124.
And I can't execute tar xvf imported file .
Why does it do ?
How can I cvs import binary file (*.tar file ) .
please help me .
I will be waiting for your answer.
[Thornley, David] What do you mean "imported file"?  Do you mean the file in the
repository, or one checked out later?  The file in the repository is not supposed
to be used directly.
And, for that matter, why are you controlling a tarball?  Why not skip the whole
tar process and just import the individual files?  Importing a tarball makes no sense
whatsoever.  Importing is a way to allow your own development on somebody else's
code while keeping track of their changes and merging them in.  If they're in a tarball,
they're not going to merge, so you're getting nothing out of it.  If you must keep a
tarball around, use "cvs add -kb" or something like that.

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