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Questions on the vss3cvs script

From: Diedrich, David
Subject: Questions on the vss3cvs script
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 11:39:44 -0700


        I'm in  the process of converting some sourcesafe files to CVS using
your vss2cvs perl script and have q couple  of questions on its use. 

How does the perl script use cvs.exe and ss.exe; I did'nt see a place in the
script on where the pointer to these executables where used so I'm wondering
if I'm missing something.

I've installed the cygwin Unix utility package on my PC and I'm working in
the cygwin Unix shell. The command line use of vss2cvs script goes as
follows:   perl vss2cvs option option option . . . 

According to the script the options work like this

        perl vss2cvs workdir ssroot cvsroot ssproj cvsbranch ssuserpass

I'm assuming that this command line inputs are my root directories so are my
doing this right if I enter the options like follows:

        perl vss2cvs  /cygdrive/c/sscvwork /cygdrive/c/test
/cygdrive/g/CVSTEST projectname optional optional.

 Is this correct. The reason I'm asking is the script comes back with need
cvsroot location so I'm inputting wrong but I'm not sure what's wrong


Dave Diedrich
Design Component Engineer
Intel Corporation
Networks Processor Operations
Phone: 978-568-6982

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