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Q re commitinfo modifying the file being committed

From: Ken . Olstad
Subject: Q re commitinfo modifying the file being committed
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 15:59:04 -0500

I have a commitinfo script whose job is to modify certain files on
their way into the repository.  (One might think of it as incrementing
a version string that's in the code, kind of like how RCS keywords
such as $Revision$ are expanded, but at commit time rather than at
get/update time.  If doing this at all might be a bad idea, I'm happy
to hear reasons why, but for now I have to do it.)

It works, but there's a problem I should have anticipated.  The file
in the user's sandbox doesn't have the modification, of course.  Also
update|diff|status indicate that the file in the user's sandbox is
up-to-date, which it really isn't anymore since the commitinfo script
modified it as it was being committed.

So my question is whether there's some way to push the modification
back to the client sandbox when it's committed.

I'm using cvs 1.11 pserver on Linux, with all kinds of clients.

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