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RE: cannot export from remote repo to absolute pathname

From: Mark Hewitt
Subject: RE: cannot export from remote repo to absolute pathname
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 08:52:27 +0100

So what happens the?  I presume the client knows that it has a pserver
(etc) 'Repository URL' (sic!) and dispatches the appropriate outgoing
request.  The server performs the specified action into a server
side work area (where is that? Can it be configured?) and returns the
result to the client.  The client then performs a mirror of the server
side actions at the client host.

Is that right?

Where is this documented?

How are per-user requests separated at the server side work area?

When is the servser side work area cleared?


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Subject: Re: cannot export from remote repo to absolute pathname

Mark Hewitt writes:
> I have an exactly similar problem (CVS version 1.11, Solaris 2.6).
> Looking at the code suggests that the working area check
> (i.e., is there a CVS directory here) is done at the server
> and not at the client.
> Can this be correct?

Yes.  The server's working area should be exactly similar [sic] to the

-Larry Jones

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