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FW: CVS problem

From: Chris Cameron
Subject: FW: CVS problem
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 17:42:14 +1200


One of our developers has reported the following behaviour from CVS.  I
think I've found in the update code where this behaviour, the question is
whether there is a reason for this behaviour?  Our developer expected the
timestamp to revert to the original co timestamp.

% cvs co foo/
% cd foo
% ls -l
% rm
% cvs update
% ls -l
% rm
% vi CVS/Entries              (remove the line for
% cvs update
% ls -l

The checkout gets the correct timestamnp on the file.

The first update gives a timestamp which corresponds to the
time you issued the update command.

The second update give the timestamp of the original
checkin time of

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