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Multiple vendor branches?

From: Daniel Horner
Subject: Multiple vendor branches?
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 17:07:10 -0400

I've got two external branches of the same code from different vendors, call them A and B. I've imported them as described in TFM under "Multiple Vendor Branches".  Development has actively continued on the source from A

A and B have different, but overlapping, sets of source files. When I now do "cvs checkout", any new files from vendor B are checked out since they are marked as the head revision:

     For files that have not been modified locally, the newly created revision
     becomes the head revision.  If you have made local changes, import will
     warn you that you must merge the changes into the main trunk, and tell
     you to use checkout -j to do so.

How do I avoid this? I believe this is related to a recent thread, but I just haven't been able to piece it together.

Daniel Horner
ProtoNet: Disruptive Solutions Implementation
Nortel Networks

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