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Re: CVS /etc/xinetd.conf question

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: CVS /etc/xinetd.conf question
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 10:00:57 -0400 (EDT)

John Hsieh writes:
> When I verify the log message from /var/log/messages, I found the following
> messages:
> ===========================================================
> May  7 14:38:40 sitara xinetd[1841]: Service cvspserver^M missing attribute
You've got DOS line endings (<CR><LF>) in your xinetd.d/cvspserver file.
Getting rid of the <CR>s will fix most of the problems.

>         passenv                 = /home/jhsieh/CVS

That's nonsense -- passenv takes a list of environment variable names. 
You probably want:

        passenv = PATH

-Larry Jones

Everybody's a slave to routine. -- Calvin

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