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Re: P on Update?

From: Matthew Riechers
Subject: Re: P on Update?
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 10:40:42 -0400

"David H. Thornley" wrote:
> Chris Edgington wrote:
> >
> > The CVS client documentation talks about the meaning of various letters 
> > returned
> > on an update command, like U for update, M for merge, C for conflict, but 
> > the
> > doc does not mention what the P stands for. Looking at the source, it looks 
> > like
> > it stands for patch. What does it mean to the end user - is there any 
> > different
> > between the effects of an Update or Marge versus a Patch?
> >
> Actually, M doesn't stand for Merged in the update output, but
> rather Modified.  If you change a file and update the directory,
> it will show up as M even if there are no changes in the repository.
> There is no difference to the user between U and P, it being
> internal to CVS.  Having different letters here is (I think)
> something of a wart.  AFAIK, U means the whole file was sent
> from the repository, and P means a patch was sent.
> --
> David H. Thornley                          Software Engineer
> at CES International, Inc.:  address@hidden or (763)-694-2556
> at home: (612)-623-0552 or address@hidden or

According to, 'M' means 
'modified' if you're copy has changed and
the repository is unmodifed, or 'merged' if you're copy has changed and the 
repository changes have been merged into
you're working copy.

- Matt

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