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From: Sudarshan
Subject: Permissions
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 09:42:10 +0530

I have created a project directory by name project2, which has owner by
name sudhi and group projent where in sudhi,anand,arun are the members
of the group. i have created a reposoitory inside that, and have modules
by name projsudhi where in we have several files, now each one of the
group memebers are able to checkout and work  on files, but when they
make changes to some files and commit that back the permissions sets to
their userid and group id, rather than setting as projsudhi as the
group, with this other members are not able to checkout their files
PLs let me know the solutions for this,

cvs server is on Linux and clients are using wincvs1.2

Thanking all in advance


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