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Re: Problem...

From: schmolle
Subject: Re: Problem...
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 00:19:32 +0000


>I import a directory containing certain text file to CVS repository. When I do 
>the checkout of the same directory, I get a copy of that file with different 
>size than before it was imported, and when running diff tool on the two files, 
>I get that the files differ "totally", with the same text being recognized as 
>different. I guess the problem is some text converting,

I'm willing to bet that the file you had problems with somehow is the only one 
in the set (I assume from your statement there were more) that has Windows/DOS 
style CR/LF line endings.

These must have gotten comitted via the import (and not filtered in any way), 
but when you do the checkout / diff, they did get filtered at one stage or 
another. I have seen similar things; files not showing differences in some 
environments or client/server OS combinations and (like in your case) 100% 
differences in others.

Try to find the original file you imported and open it in vi in a UNIX 
environment. That will clearly show the line endings. (unless you're using Vim 
in the too-smart-for-its-own-good setting; you MAY have to read the odd man 
page :)

I found that the cleanest way to solve these things (even though that goes 
against some of CVS's record keeping aspects) is to export the file in 
question, physically delete it from the repository (if you don't know how to do 
that, you had better not try it without supervision :), clean it in a UNIX 
editor and re-add it. Any tags can be removed beforehand and re-applied 

This obviously doesn't work very well for files that have dozens or more 
revisions that you want to hang on to for some reason. In your case, it seems 
to be just after an import, so it could be applicable. (caveat emptor)

Hope this helps,


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