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CVS/Tag files

From: Gary Heuston
Subject: CVS/Tag files
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 16:10:40 -0500

    We are having a problem with the CVS/Tag files in our staging
areas.  We are using an in-house frontend, and whenever we checkout a
file using a tag other than HEAD  (I.E   'cvs co -r current
/foo/bar/file') we end up with Tag files under /foo/CVS (and any
directory under that) which is telling CVS to use 'current' as a tag for
all work in these directories.  This causes a big problem because if we
try to add a file  'cvs add /foo/newfile'  it adds it using the
'current' tag, and makes it a branch off of the 'current'! (current is
not a branch tag, just a marker of what revision is in production.)
This methodology does not work at all well for our frontend (and I am
having trouble seeing where it would work in normal production).  Has
anyone ever run into this problem?  We are ready to just run a find
command, find all the /CVS/Tag files and blow them away, but there must
be a better way to do this...

The method of checking the file out to the screen then redirecting to
the filename doesn't work for us as you then lose the branches that have
been made during the checkout...

thanks in advance,


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