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CVS checkout error

From: Adam W. Montville
Subject: CVS checkout error
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 22:17:50 -0700

Hi all...
I can't run "cvs checkout X" across my pserver connection for some reason.  I have a repository (/cvs/isaac) with a module "RoCK" that I was supposedly able to import via pserver.  My CVSROOT environment variable is set to ":pserver:address@hidden:/cvs/isaac" and the command I am attempting to run (after logging in to the server) is:
cvs checkout RoCK
The following is the error that I receive:
cvs server: cannot open /root/.cvsignore: Permission denied
cvs [server aborted]: can't chdir (/root): Permission denied
This is obviously a permission issue, but it's confusing to me because I've followed "instructions" found in "Open Source Development with CVS" and in the Cederqvist only to get to this error.  I'll keep digging around, but appreciate any help.
If this information helps, the server is on RH7.0 and the client is running on Win2k.

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