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Re: I want to change the CVS history file

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: I want to change the CVS history file
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 11:47:41 -0400 (EDT)

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Anders_B=FClow?= writes:
> How can I change the line:
> M3cd13118|line|C:\Src2k\BPMain|Src2000/BP/Digitalis/Components/BPLivSelsk=
> ab|1.40|BPLivSelskab.cpp
> in the history file in CVSROOT to reflect the correct time?

The second character up to the first "|" (i.e., 3cd13118) is the
timestamp; it's the number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC in
hexadecimal.  You can use a text editor of your choice to change it to a
more reasonable value.  Since entries in the history file are in
chronological order, an easy way to find a more reasonable value is to
pick one that's between the values in the previous and next lines.

-Larry Jones

Hmm... That might not be politic. -- Calvin

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