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FW: Questions about your product

From: David CM Weber
Subject: FW: Questions about your product
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 10:54:36 -0400


Dave Weber
Backbone Security, Inc.

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Subject: RE: Questions about your product

Does it have topic and development listing link to each project folder?
[Dave Weber] Don't think so
[Wayne Johnson] If you mean by this, can you create reports that link
changes to
specific change requests and problem reports, the answer is:  With a
work, yes.  CVS contains features that allow scripts to be executed at
to verify update integrity.  Things like checking that specific
information like
Change request numbers, etc. are included in the change description;
contains no tabs, etc.  It also has an exit that can be used to update a
control database.  You can add problem description information to this
and then add source version id's to relate.  It's all there, just has to
written by some ingenious soul.  Wonder why someone hasn't GNU
this yet.

Does it have some reporting feature?
[Dave Weber] Depends on what kind of report info you want.
[Wayne Johnson]  There are commands to list all or a range of changes to
some or
all modules, listing all change descriptions.

What is the primary platform it runs on (client/server/pc)?
[Dave Weber] Just about anything you want.  Clients: Mac, Win, Linux,
and a variety of unix's.  Servers: Win, Linux, and the Unix's
[Wayne Johnson's shameless plug] And don't forget about my current port
OS/390 (AKA MVS).  This runs under OS/390 Unix System Services (or TSO
if you
have HFS set up).  The client is working splendid but the server is
untested as

Does it track across platforms?
[Dave Weber] Not sure what you mean by this.
[Wayne Johnson] The above mentioned scripts work on the CVS server so
that any
checkin control and reporting occurs on a single point.

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