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communication between CVS ROOT and client ???

From: summit
Subject: communication between CVS ROOT and client ???
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 11:51:10 +0800

Hi there: 
   This is Samuel in Taiwan. I encountered some problems and hanged on my mind for couples of week.
   that's ..
          I built a CVS_ROOT in the linux server (Red Hat 6.2) , and everything goes well I operated various commands
       within the same computer. But troubles comes up when I try to use the "cvs login" via pserver .... , the client side
       is linux (Red Hat 6.2  w/ ip masquerading) as well. The response is always "authentication failed". I checked the CVS
       repository if she has the file "passwd" , "reader" , "writer" and the answer is "yes". Anything else I havn't do or wrong?
         The same situation occurred in the computer of window (NT 4.0) as well. I tried connect to the CVS repositories with
     "WinCVS" program , but it failed!  The feedback message is the window cannot find the path of linux cause of the "/"
   Could you give me some advise ?
   tks here
Samuel @ Taiwan

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