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cvs locking and watching...

From: Luke Miller
Subject: cvs locking and watching...
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 14:24:24 -0700

I have a groups of designers who are doing CAD work on binary graphical files.
Based on that we can really only have one person in each file making changes
at a time.  I am looking for some inputs on what how best to handle this.

I have gone though the manual and looked at reserved checkouts and watching.
However, it seams like if one person starts editing a file (either with locking
or watching) somone else can go and checkout that file and start to edit it as
well and is only told that the first person is in it when they go to do a 
commit.  Am I missing something there?  Is there a way to tell the second
second person that the first person is working in the file before the second
person starts to edit it?  

Or is there a better way to do what I want?  Maybe CVS isn't what I need for

Thanks for your help,


* Luke Miller             Unix System Administrator *
* Micro Systems Engineering            503-699-2787 *

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