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Re: The hated $Log$ keyword

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: The hated $Log$ keyword
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 14:32:42 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Wednesday, May 2, 2001 at 10:39:47 (-0700), Richard Wesley wrote: ]
> Subject: The hated $Log$ keyword
> BTW, I appreciate the arguments against using $Log$ (redundancy, 
> merging, admin -m, etc.), but these guys really like the Header 

Teach them to use "cvs log" (and even "cvs rlog" now).

Either that or teach them to use GNU-style "ChangeLog" files (which is
really trivial with some tools)....

You could also use "rcs2log" as part of your release process too,
depending on exactly when/where such log files are desired.

There is no way to "fix" $Log.  It is broken by design.

                                                        Greg A. Woods

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