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From: John Temple
Subject: Sub-modules
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 14:39:34 -0400

I would like to setup cvs to allow me to create a Major Module with Sub
Modules with in it.  With this my developers with have the capability to
check out the Major Module with all of it's Sub Modules or each Sub Module

for example:
Major Module (level1)
   |_Sub Module (level2a)
   |    |_Sub Module (level3a)
   |    |_Sub Module (level3b)
   |_Sub Module (level2b)

With this the developer can checkout level1 and get everything or checkout
level2a which gives them that module and all of its Sub Modules.

 Server: Windows NT
           CVS 1.10
 Client: Windows NT
           WinCVS 1.2
           Local mounted Directory

John Temple
Database Consulting Group
UserInterface Designer
(770)557-4900 ext.227 Office
(770)633-5033 Cell
(770)966-4443 Pager

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