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Re: CVS setup

From: Rob Helmer
Subject: Re: CVS setup
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 09:09:10 -0700
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Ok, sorry I was so vague in my original message.

By "nothing but trouble" I meant you have to be really careful
about commitinfo scripts ( and the like ) and account for the
fact that there may be spaces in the filename.

It's bitten me in other ways, like when I want to grep or
find in a sandbox ( or in the repository ) it doesn't always
behave how I expect it to. 

It will work, however. It's just that dealing with spaces
in filenames at all is a major PITA IMHO.

Rob Helmer

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 03:35:49PM +0100, Mark Hewitt wrote:
> (a bit late - sorry!)
> We manage many InstallShield sources in CVS
> without any problems.  The only thing we try
> to do (but little goes wrong if we forget!) 
> is to work on the Windows pieces by checking
> out to windows, and UNIX sources by checking
> out to UNIX.
> #!/mjh
> -----Original Message-----
> From: David H. Thornley [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: 05 April 2001 18:55
> To: Rob Helmer
> Cc: M Birch; address@hidden
> Subject: Re: CVS setup
> Rob Helmer wrote:
> > 
> > Don't check files or directories that have spaces in the names
> > into CVS. It'll cause nothing but trouble.
> > 
> I was just asked a question about InstallShield.  I'm not
> personally familiar with what it does, but apparently it
> creates a set of files of which many have spaces in their
> names, and it apparently cannot be set to do this as a
> matter of routine from pre-existing source.
> If there was an InstallShield script we could use, I'd say we
> keep the sources under CVS control and not worry about the
> InstallShield stuff.  That apparently is not the case.
> There are too many filenames to make it practical to manually
> insert underscores instead of spaces.  This being That Operating
> System, I don't know if it's easy to automate this process, like
> it would be in Unix.  Not that this would be the ideal solution,
> since it would entail creating the files, mangling the names,
> checking them in, checking them out, unmangling the names, and
> sending to the user.
> I don't know if WinCVS handles this well.  Nor do I know how it
> handles merging between branches, which in our setup depends
> partly on tag naming conventions, and therefore is not
> straight out-of-the-box CVS.
> The half-assed solution we're adopting right now is to zip
> the files into a zip file without spaces in the file name, but
> there's plenty of reasons why this is suboptimal.
> Does anybody have any suggestions?
> There are reasons why we're using CVS, so I'd rather not hear
> why I should drop it in favor of something unspecified.  Diatribes
> against proprietary Intel-based operating systems are unnecessary,
> unless they contain something amusing I haven't seen (or said)
> before.
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