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Re: Date formats

From: Laurie Harper
Subject: Re: Date formats
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 11:47:08 -0400

Larry Jones wrote:
> The only possible issues I can think of are that -t/-f wrappers are
> disabled in the current release because of bugs that can cause data
> loss, and PreservePermissions support is disabled because of numerous
> bugs that can cause crashes.  The repository itself is completely upward
> compatible, although it is generally a good idea to do "cvs init" to
> create sample versions of any new administrative files.  (Note that "cvs
> init" preserves the existing administrative files, so it's perfectly
> safe to do in an existing repository.)

IIRC, PreservePermissions is a feature that was introduced well after 1.9 so
it's not something we'd lose by upgrading; and we're not using -t/-f
wrappers, so we should be good to go :-)

Thanks for the info Larry!

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