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RE: CVS setup

From: Mark Hewitt
Subject: RE: CVS setup
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 15:35:49 +0100

(a bit late - sorry!)
We manage many InstallShield sources in CVS
without any problems.  The only thing we try
to do (but little goes wrong if we forget!) 
is to work on the Windows pieces by checking
out to windows, and UNIX sources by checking
out to UNIX.


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From: David H. Thornley [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 05 April 2001 18:55
To: Rob Helmer
Cc: M Birch; address@hidden
Subject: Re: CVS setup

Rob Helmer wrote:
> Don't check files or directories that have spaces in the names
> into CVS. It'll cause nothing but trouble.
I was just asked a question about InstallShield.  I'm not
personally familiar with what it does, but apparently it
creates a set of files of which many have spaces in their
names, and it apparently cannot be set to do this as a
matter of routine from pre-existing source.

If there was an InstallShield script we could use, I'd say we
keep the sources under CVS control and not worry about the
InstallShield stuff.  That apparently is not the case.

There are too many filenames to make it practical to manually
insert underscores instead of spaces.  This being That Operating
System, I don't know if it's easy to automate this process, like
it would be in Unix.  Not that this would be the ideal solution,
since it would entail creating the files, mangling the names,
checking them in, checking them out, unmangling the names, and
sending to the user.

I don't know if WinCVS handles this well.  Nor do I know how it
handles merging between branches, which in our setup depends
partly on tag naming conventions, and therefore is not
straight out-of-the-box CVS.

The half-assed solution we're adopting right now is to zip
the files into a zip file without spaces in the file name, but
there's plenty of reasons why this is suboptimal.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

There are reasons why we're using CVS, so I'd rather not hear
why I should drop it in favor of something unspecified.  Diatribes
against proprietary Intel-based operating systems are unnecessary,
unless they contain something amusing I haven't seen (or said)

David H. Thornley                          Software Engineer
at CES International, Inc.:  address@hidden or (763)-694-2556
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