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newbie pserver question

From: Toby Tremayne
Subject: newbie pserver question
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 13:08:32 +1000

I know this is going to seem really naive, but I'm really stuck with this.

I've installed CVS pserver on a linux box and it seems to work quite
happily.  What I'm trying to do now is test a bunch of mac and windows
clients.  I've started with WinCVS.

My situation is this - my predecessor installed CVS on a redhat linux box.
The repository is in /cvs which is a symbolic link to a samba mounted drive
on a faraway windows server.  So, obviously, the repository itself is
actually on the windows box.

Now, some of our developer machines have been using wincvs to connect to
that repository.  What I'm failing to get into my thick skull is exactly how
the client know where the server is - the CVSROOT setting is
:pserver:address@hidden:f:/code (for example).
So does the client then find that server/folder and use the /CVSROOT files
to determine how to talk to the cvs server?  Because I'm kind of stumped to
be perfectly honest.  I'm pretty new to unix I'm afraid, so I'm obviously
missing something major here.

To make sure I understand it and can maintain it, I've been setting up a new
server, on a different box.  The difference is that the repository is local
to that cvs server.

So can anyone tell me what the CVSROOT variable should be on the client
machine, if the cvspserver is on a host called GOA and the repository is in
/cvs ???

I've been through all the documentation I can find so I must just be reading
something wrong, I'd really appreciate any pointers I can get.


Toby Tremayne
Code Poet and Zen Master of the Heavy Sleep
Show Ads Interactive
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Port Melbourne
VIC 3207
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