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Re: modified cvs

From: nidelet thomas
Subject: Re: modified cvs
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 23:29:01 +0200

> I think if you do your layout design correctly it'll also only be those
> people who need to check out every project who need to even know about
> the existance of multiple repositories.

yes but the people who need to check out every project work under windows
and i don't think
wincvs can support multiple CVSROOT... Of course they could change their
CVSROOT every time they have to checkout a project or commit new things but
it's a little bit too long to do..
but thanks for the advice. If my changes come to make bugs in cvs i would
use multiple repository...
But i changed some code and I add a new admin file. authuser in which i
define user per module
module:user1,user2 but i coudn't get the aliases work yet so i will see

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