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Re: 'cvs add' ownership problems

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: 'cvs add' ownership problems
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 11:25:22 -0400

If you set the group sticky bit on the top-level repository folder then
all subfolders will be created with that groupid.  This is an
oversimplification of what really happens, but it should be enough to
get you going again.

-- David F.

address@hidden wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just built cvs on my Linux box.  I set up a repository called 'fs'
> and set the owner to root and the group to 'fsdev'.  I have a list of
> users who belong to the 'fsdev' group who should be able to add,
> commit, etc... However, when I tried to add the first directory to
> the repository as user 'tvolkert', it made me owner of that directory
> (user 'tvolkert', group 'tvolkert').  That being the case, no other
> users could run a 'cvs checkout fs' because they had no permissions
> on that dir.  Here's the error msg.
> .....
> cvs checkout: failed to create lock directory for
> `/usr/local/share/cvs/fs/test'
> (/usr/local/share/cvs/fs/test/#cvs.lock): Permission denied
> cvs checkout: failed to obtain dir lock in repository
> `/usr/local/share/cvs/fs/test'
> cvs [checkout aborted]: read lock failed - giving up
> .....
> What am I missing???
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> -T
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