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Re: val-tags issue (was: CVS 1.11.1 Released)

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: val-tags issue (was: CVS 1.11.1 Released)
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 16:26:08 -0400

Larry Jones wrote:

> Todd Denniston writes:
> >
> > thor:~/cvs/repo/ccvs$ cvs -z2 update
> > cvs [server aborted]: "update" requires write access to the repository
> > thor:~/cvs/repo/ccvs$ cat CVS/Root
> > :pserver:address@hidden:/home2/cvsroot
> > thor:~/cvs/repo/ccvs$
> Sorry, folks -- I broke read-only access in CVS 1.11.1.  I've just
> checked in a fix.
> Derek: Please update the server at to the current
> development version or revert it to 1.11.

I've updated it with the development version, which I'm about to release as
1.11.1p1.  I've tested it and anonymous checkouts work.

1.11.1p1 should be checked in, then up on the FTP site as soon as my distcheck
completes.  It'll then be up on the web site as soon as I can change the
links.  I'll make an official announcement as soon as the WWW links are
changed.  I'll then try and find time to post a news item on the front page of
the web site with a link to the release's NEWS file and maybe access to
ChangeLogs, but the ChangeLogs will probably have to wait for my upcoming
upgrade of the web server to CollabNet's SourceCast software.

>  (And make the val-tags file
> world-writable if you didn't already.)

I thought you rendered this unecessary?


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