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New user: two simple questions about CVS

From: Pepi Strafforello
Subject: New user: two simple questions about CVS
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:48:01 +0200

Hi folk,
I'm just started using CVS 1.11, thru a variery of Win, Mac & Linux GUIs as well as thru command line tools, in a shared environment with a Linux pserver. Our locking policy has always been "reserved checkouts", i.e. every file is by default checked out in read-only mode, and when one of us has to modify something he/she locks the file(s) needed in such a way as to deny anybody else to do the same (that is the way in which both RCS and SourceSafe work). Here are the questions:
1 - "Watching" the modules (i.e. the entire root directory of our development tree) does not seem to have any effect, must I watch every single file in the tree?
2 - How can I see (for instance, from WinCvs 1.2) who is locking what at a given time?

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